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Support Center

If your question is not resolved in these FAQ, you can

Do you have a physical store?

All sales are through our online store, we do not have a physical store.

Are they imported books?

Some books we sell are imported and others are from national suppliers. All import procedures in the case of imported books are managed by Bookdelivery: You will not have to worry about anything. Additionally, all import costs are included in the prices, so there are no "surprise costs".

The shipping times that appear on each book include the times required for cases that are imported books.

Do you want to change your shipping address?

Before purchasing you can add or delete addresses in your Bookdelivery profile in the MY ADDRESSES section.

If you have already made your purchase and your order has not been shipped, you can modify your shipping address as long as the new address is in the same region as the old address. To do this, go to the Order Tracking section.

If your order has already been sent to the wrong address, please send a request through your profile on Bookdelivery, indicating the order number and the new shipping address so we can help you.

Some of my products are at Shipping Office, when will they be sent to my address?

Normally, when all products in an order are In Destination Warehouse, your entire order is shipped together.

But there are also 3 cases in which we make partial shipments. These partial shipments have no additional cost to you:

1) Automatically: When the maximum shipping date of your order that we originally committed has already been met. In that case, all products that are In Destination Warehouse, the same day they pass to this state. As many partial shipments will be made as necessary.

2) Automatically: When you have purchased products in the same order that have the "one-day shipping"logo with others that do not have that logo, all books that have the "one-day shipping" logo will be sent in a partial shipment no later than 48 business hours after you placed the order.

3) Manually: When you have products that have been for 5 or more days In Destination Warehouse, in your  Order Tracking section a button will appear that says "Send them to me now". By pressing that button you will generate a partial shipment of all the products that are In Destination Warehouse at that time.

Customer Service Times

We aim to answer all questions within 24 hours.

Can I cancel a purchase?

Books: You can cancel a specific book or your entire order. You can do this in the Order Tracking section of your account without having to contact our Customer Service, as long as the book is not in the last tracking stage.: "In Destination Warehouse". This is because at that stage, the book could already be packaged to be sent to your home.

In other cases, you have to contact our Customer Service area to cancel a purchase. You can read the conditions under which you can cancel a purchase in our Terms and Conditions and Return Policies which you can find in the footer of our site. To contact our Customer Service, enter the Order Tracking and contact us using the "Contact Us" button that is on each of the orders you have placed.

How do I track my purchase?

You can track your purchase directly in your Bookdelivery profile in the "Order Tracking" section where each of the stages described in the following boxes is located:

  • Purchase Order Pending: It is the beginning of the entire process, where we purchase your product and/or book from the supplier.
  • Dispatched by Supplier: We have already sent a purchase order to the supplier and are waiting for them to send the product and/or book to our office. Here we must wait for confirmation of stock and delivery at our office of origin.
  • In BD Origin Warehouse: Your book and/or product has already arrived at our office at origin and we will begin the logistical process of importing it to the destination country.
  • In Transit: Your purchase is already in transit (plane or ship) from the country of origin to your destination country. This process could take approximately five to ten days.
  • In Destination Warehouse: Your product has already arrived at our warehouse and we could ship it to your home. The packaging and shipping process will only begin when all the products in your order are in the warehouse. If your purchase is only for one product, it should be shipped in a couple of days.
  • Shipped: Your order has been shipped. You can track delivery on the website of the shipping company that we send to your email.

I received a wrong product or in poor condition. How do I submit my claim?

Enter the Order Tracking section of your account, identify the order where you purchased that product and press the "Contact Us" button associated with that order. Then choose the appropriate option.

How do I request a refund if I returned a product?

When the product is received in our warehouse, we will make refunds automatically within 5 days from when your product appears as "Pending Refund" in the Order Tracking section of your Bookdelivery account, within the "Cancelled" tab on each order.

Depending on the payment method you have used, the money will be refunded in one of these 2 ways:

A) If you paid by credit card, your money will be credited directly to your credit card. With the deadlines that your bank determines.

B) If you paid with another payment method, you can request a withdrawal by transfer to your bank account.
In each order, within the "Cancelled" tab, we specify by which means we have made the refund.
If you have any questions regarding a refund, you can enter the Order Tracking, go to the order in question and use the "Contact Us" button associated with that order and then specify that you wish to contact us due to a problem with a refund.

Legal Guarantee, Exchanges and/or Returns of products.

At Bookdelivery our priority is that you feel satisfied with your purchases and supported by the service we provide to our customers. Therefore, we recommend that you read our "how to buy" section in detail so that you do not have any inconveniences after the delivery of your product or book.

Always remember to save the original packaging of your products to be able to make use of your legal guarantee.


If the product you purchased did not have the reported technical characteristics, arrived damaged or incomplete, do not worry, you can exchange it immediately (if the same product is available at the same price originally paid) or return the product to our offices and refund your money.

If the product presents faults or defects within 6 months from the date it was received, you can choose between exchanging it for a new one (if available at the same price originally paid) or returning the product to our offices and refund of your money, provided that the product had not deteriorated due to an event attributable to the consumer.

If you return a product for any of the reasons previously explained in this section, BuscaLibre will assume the cost of the shipping. To make the legal guarantee valid, you can ask our customer service area for instructions for shipping the product to our warehouse.

Bookdelivery reserves the right to extend factory warranty periods if the original supplier details it in its publication.

How can I request that my personal data be deleted from Bookdelivery?

You have the right to ask us to delete your personal data from our systems at any time you wish. When you do so, you may not be able to access some or all of the services that Buscalibre offers. If you want to request the deletion of your personal data, request it through our Costumer Service and we will contact you.
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