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portada Abstract Embroidery: Slow Stitching With Texture, Colour and Creativity
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Abstract Embroidery: Slow Stitching With Texture, Colour and Creativity

Botelho Emily (Author) · Search Press · Hardcover

Abstract Embroidery: Slow Stitching With Texture, Colour and Creativity - Botelho Emily

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Synopsis "Abstract Embroidery: Slow Stitching With Texture, Colour and Creativity"

From mini hoops to larger fabric canvas work, ideas to capture your natural surroundings abound in this stunning embroidery book. Get inspiration from Emily Botelho - the genius behind @salt_stitches Winner of the People's Choice Award Art Comp 2023 100 Kellogg Lane! Drawing on her love of nature, Emily Botelho creates highly textured and incredibly detailed embroidery pieces that have earned her a worldwide following. Her work is organic, intuitive and celebrates patterns found in the natural world. She showcases 12 beautiful projects inspired by 3 distinct environments - coastal, mountain and urban - to illustrate her creative process, describing how to find inspiration and where to look for interesting textures, color palettes and items to use as embellishments. Each piece is constructed of fabric printed with a source image that Emily photographs, based on her knowledge of which textures will translate well into stitches. She then layers stitching and embellishments over the fabric to approximate the textures and colors that inspired the work. Her wide catalog of embroidery stitches allows her to create visual and tactile interest in each piece.Emily (@salt_stitches) is a firm believer that you don't need to go far to be inspired and she encourages you to engage in close observation of the natural world on your doorstep, whether you have stitched before or not. Due to the abstract nature of the craft, there are no patterns to follow or step-by-step instructions. You decide when a piece is finished, which gives you complete freedom to explore the textures that you're working with. Every single piece will be unique, and that's the beauty of it!

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