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portada Heart Bones
Physical Book

Heart Bones

Colleen Hoover (Author) · Simon Schuster · Bolsillo

Heart Bones - Colleen Hoover

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Synopsis "Heart Bones"

Moving, passionate, and unforgettable, this novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover follows two young adults from completely different backgrounds embarking on a tentative romance, unaware of what the future holds.After a childhood filled with poverty and neglect, Beyah Grim finally has her hard-earned ticket out of Kentucky with a full ride to Penn State. But two months before shes finally free to change her life for the better, an unexpected death leaves her homeless and forced to spend the remainder of her summer in Texas with a father she barely knows.Devastated and anxious for the summer to go by quickly, Beyah has no time or patience for Samson, the wealthy, brooding guy next door. Yet, the connection between them is too intense to ignore. But with their upcoming futures sending them to opposite ends of the country, the two decide to maintain only a casual summer fling. Too bad neither has any idea that a rip current is about to drag both their hearts out to sea.
Colleen Hoover
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Empezó a escribir a los cinco años. Autopublicó su primer libro en enero de 2012 y en agosto ya estaba en la lista de los más vendidos de The New York Times. Hasta la fecha es autora de más de veinte novelas y cuenta con el reconocimiento y apoyo incondicional de millones de lectores en todo el mundo. Ha ganado el Goodreads Choice Award a la mejor novela romántica en tres ocasiones y su novela Romper el círculo se ha convertido en uno de los mayores fenómenos literarios globales de los últimos años. En 2015 Hoover fundó junto con su familia The Bookworm Box, un programa de suscripción de libros sin ánimo de lucro cuyos beneficios son donados a distintas organizaciones benéficas.
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