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portada Someone Else's Shoes
Physical Book
197 x 129 x 27 mm

Someone Else's Shoes

Jojo Moyes (Author) · Penguin Books · Paperback

Someone Else's Shoes - Moyes, Jojo

Physical Book

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Synopsis "Someone Else's Shoes"

Meet Sam. She's not got much, but she's grateful for what she has: a job she's just about clinging on to and a family who depend on her for everything. She knows she's one bad day away from losing it all - and just hopes today isn't it.

Meet Nisha. She's got everything she always dreamed of - and more: a phenomenally rich husband; an international lifestyle; and . . . she's just been locked out of all of it after her husband initiates divorce proceedings.

Sam and Nisha should never have crossed paths. But after a bag mix-up at the gym, their lives become intertwined - even as they spiral out of control.

Each blames the other as they feel increasingly invisible, forgotten, lost - and desperately alone.

But they're not.

No woman is an island. Look around. Family. Friends. Strangers.
Even the woman you believe just ruined your life might turn out to be your best friend.
Because together you can do anything - like take back what is yours.
Jojo Moyes
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Jojo Moyes es novelista, periodista y guionista. Sus libros incluyen los best sellers Yo antes de ti, Después de ti y Sigo siendo yo, La última carta de amor, La chica que dejaste atrás, Uno más uno, Te regalaré las estrellas y el libro de relatos París para uno y otras historias. En tus tacones alcanzó el número uno en la lista de más vendidos del Sunday Times. Sus obras han sido traducidas a cuarenta y seis idiomas, se han colocado en el número uno en doce países y han vendido más de treinta y ocho millones de ejemplares en todo el mundo. Yo antes de ti ha superado los catorce millones de ejemplares vendidos y fue adaptada al cine en una película protagonizada por Sam Claflin y Emilia Clarke. Jojo vive en Essex.
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