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portada The Zone of Interest
Physical Book

The Zone of Interest

Martin Amis (Author) · Vintage · Paperback

The Zone of Interest - Martin Amis

Physical Book

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Synopsis "The Zone of Interest"

Shortlisted for the 2015 Walter Scott Prize'Surely his masterpiece… Intelligent, terrifying and comic… Amis has tackled the biggest questions with imagination and intelligence, and the ultimate strength of this masterly novel is that he knows, and shows, that although there is no answer to the questions Auschwitz poses, we must never stop asking them. Read it, ponder it – revel in it indeed – then read it again.'Allan Massie, Scotsman There was an old story about a king who asked his favourite wizard to create a magic mirror. This mirror didn’t show you your reflection. Instead, it showed you your soul – it showed you who you really were. But the king couldn’t look into the mirror without turning away, and nor could his courtiers. No one could.What happens when we discover who we really are? And how do we come to terms with it? Fearless and original, The Zone of Interest is a violently dark love story set against a backdrop of unadulterated evil, and a vivid journey into the depths and contradictions of the human soul.
Martin Amis
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Martin Amis (Swansea, 1949 - Florida, 2023) estudió en Oxford y debutó brillantemente como novelista con El libro de Rachel, galardonada en 1973 con el Premio Somerset Maugham, publicada en España (en 1985) por Anagrama. A lo largo de su trayectoria trabajó como guionista y varias de sus novelas fueron adaptadas para televisión. Es autor de relatos cortos, ensayos y novelas. Tiene dos libros de carácter autobiográfico: Experiencia y Koba el Temible. Su última obra fue Desde dentro.
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